White House Can’t Name A Single Thing Biden Is Considering Doing To Lower Gas Prices

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Monday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre embarrassed herself when she was unable to name a single thing that President Joe Biden has done so far to help stop the continuing rise of fuel prices all over the country.

One reporter asked Jean-Pierre what the administration is doing except “tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve” to tackle this huge rise in prices, to which she didn’t have an answer.

“You know, we have — we don’t have an announcement yet on anything — anything to share at this time,” she mumbled.

“You know, but we’re monitoring it. Right? We’re monitoring the prices and we’re making sure that we have tools in our toolbelts that we can — we can — we can try and use. But at this time, I don’t have anything new to share.”

Well, that inspires confidence, doesn’t it?

The reporter then asked what else they might be reviewing and mentioned Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s recent confirmation that there are options on the table, and how the president previously indicated that there are several tools that may be used, before asking whether she can lay out precisely what those different options are.

And she couldn’t.

“So I don’t, again, I don’t, I don’t have anything specific here,” she said.

No kidding.

She then added that the president spoke about this recently and that he has asked the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on illegal pricing. She then again confirmed that she doesn’t have anything more any more specific.

Is this the best they can really do?