What We Know About Hunter Biden’s Alleged Crimes 

(PatrioticPost.com)- Last week, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee Chairman revealed new information about the Biden family’s business dealings with China based on the subpoenaed financial records belonging to Rob Walker, a longtime business associate of Hunter Biden. 

In a memo released on Thursday, Oversight Chairman James Comer revealed that between 2015 and 2017, members of the Biden family members, along with the companies associated with them, received over $1.3 million from accounts tied to Walker, much of it from a wire transfer for a Chinese energy company. 

These payments from Walker’s accounts not only went to companies associated with Hunter Biden and his uncle James but also to Hallie Biden, the widow of President Biden’s eldest son Beau, and an “unknown ‘Biden.’” 

According to the memo, in 2017, shortly after Joe Biden left office, the Chinese company State Energy HK Limited wired $3 million into one of the accounts belonging to Rob Walker, Robinson Walker LLC. 

After the wire transfer, Robinson Walker LLC began transferring “incremental payments” over the course of about three months totaling $1,065,000 to companies associated with both James Biden and Hunter, as well as Hallie Biden and an unknown bank account identified in the financial records only by “Biden.” 

In a press release on Thursday, Chairman Comer said the committee is concerned that the millions the Biden family received from foreign nationals could have “national security implications.” He said the committee will continue following the money trail to determine if there is a national security threat from the Biden family’s foreign business schemes or if “President Biden is compromised.” 

However, in a column at 19FortyFive this week, senior editor Peter Suciu argues that while the president’s son’s past behavior deserves scrutiny, any investigation should not be done by House Republicans whom he argues are “looking for payback.” Suciu suggests that the Republicans should focus instead on beating Joe Biden in 2024.