Were Israel & Hezbollah On Brink Of War Post-Blast?

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A new report alleges that Hezbollah scrambled to prepare an attack on Israel in the aftermath of the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, nearly sending the entire region into a spiral of armed conflict. “In the Now” host Rania Khalek and former Pentagon official Michael Maloof join Rick Sanchez to examine the situation. The latest science suggests that eating overly-processed “junk food” can age you faster on the cellular level. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte has the details. RT’s Peter Oliver reports from Berlin on the latest developments in the case of injured Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny. There are 17 million school-age children living in homes without high-speed internet in the US, a situation which threatens to stand in the way of their education as long as online classes prevail and schools remain closed. Also, children with disabilities are missing developmental milestones and falling behind in learning critical life skills in the absence of special education that parents are unable to provide. Investigative journalist and “Boom Bust” co-host Ben Swann reports.