WATCH: Joe Biden WALKS OFF, Ignores Questions About Hunter Biden

( Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden chose to walk off and totally ignore reporters when faced with fairly simple questions about his son, Hunter Biden.

The confrontation took place after the New York Post published evidence that Hunter had leveraged his father’s position as vice president to land lucrative business deals in China and Ukraine. The Post focused on emails showing Hunter Biden discussing deals with Ukrainian gas company Burisma, and how he could increase his salary for sitting on the company’s board through the influence of his father.

The story, which was censored by both Facebook and Twitter, also showed evidence that Hunter Biden had organized a meeting between his father and an executive from Burisma. If the emails prove authentic, and they have already been confirmed by several people in the communication chain, then it would mean that former Vice President Joe Biden was lying when he said he wasn’t aware of his son’s business dealings.

During a campaign stop in North Carolina on Saturday, Biden stopped to hear a question from a reporter. As soon as the words “FBI” was mentioned, in reference to the Bureau seizing his son’s laptop from a Delaware repair shop last year, Biden immediately turned and walked away.

The laptop that was seized by the FBI was legally in the possession of a Delaware computer repair specialist after Hunter Biden reportedly abandoned it at the shop. According to the documents signed by Hunter Biden, failure to pay for or pick up the laptop meant that it was legally considered abandoned property and fell into the hands of the shop owner.

The contents of the laptop were copied by the owner and shared with the New York Post, who then chose to publish some of the emails discovered on it last week.

Since the report was published, and several other media outlets have picked up on the story and other emails that have slowly been released, the former vice president has refused to comment on the story. The Biden campaign has yet to deny the authenticity of the emails, but if they are determined to be real, it means the Democratic presidential nominee lied when he said he was not aware of business deals being made by his son in Ukraine.