Washington Post Columnist Defends Groomers In Schools

(PatrioticPost.com)- In a recent analysis piece, Washington Post columnist Aaron Blake twisted himself into pretzels to dismiss as a nothing-burger New Jersey’s guidelines permitting public school teachers to educate children on sex and “gender identity.”

Blake claimed that “conservative media” is making too much of the issue. He claims that Fox News and others are treating guidelines offered by one school district as if it is “actual school curriculum.” Blake notes that advocacy groups and the school district both say that isn’t the case. The materials highlighted by “conservative media,” Blake explains, are merely sample material that the district shared “as it reviews the state guidelines.”

As if somehow that makes it okay.

The sample materials in question included offering first-grade teachers suggested lessons on “honest sexuality education” that would define “gender, gender identity and gender role stereotypes.” And how would they do that? By suggesting teachers ask first-graders if they feel like a boy even if they have girl parts. Or if they feel like a girl even though they have boy parts.

Blake doesn’t address why it’s okay to even suggest teaching first-graders “transgenderism.”

Instead, he quotes the superintendent of the district who explained that the sample materials were included on a website to “illustrate the type of possible resources” that school districts could use. The superintendent said none of the sample plans were “state-mandated.”

Ah, so since the state isn’t compelling schools to teach this kind of garbage to first-graders, that makes it okay for a particular school district to consider teaching this kind of garbage?

But that’s Blake’s argument in a nutshell.

Conservatives are overselling this. New Jersey isn’t forcing schools to teach this garbage, schools are considering teaching it of their own accord.

Before “conservative media” was “overselling” this, the New Jersey Department of Education included on its website official guidelines for how to talk to public school children about “gender identity” and sexual orientation. Included in these guidelines was instruction for second-grade teachers on how to get children to “express their gender and how gender role stereotypes may limit their behavior.”

However, since “conservative media” exposed the story, the NJ DoE removed those guidelines from its website.