VP Pence Bans Coronavirus Task Force from Appearing on CNN, Until Network Airs Briefings

(PatrioticPost.Com)- Vice President Mike Pence is just as tough as President Trump, and this week he proved it. Following CNN’s decision not to air the president’s daily Coronavirus Task Force press briefings, Pence chose to ban all members of the task force from appearing on the network until they change their mind.

According to CNN, Pence’s office has said it will only allow Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci to appear on the network if at least a portion of the briefings that include the president and vice president are aired on CNN.

The network defended itself, claiming that they typically air small segments of the press briefings, cutting out to “fact-check” what is being said, and then cutting back in. CNN claims to do this “because of the extensive length of the full briefing that includes Pence, which can run in excess of two hours.”

Interestingly, however, that hasn’t stopped other networks airing the briefings. During the daily press conference, the American people are given the opportunity to listen in and hear the latest about the spread of the virus. CNN, however, continues using it as an opportunity to bash the president.

“When you guys cover the briefings with the health officials then you can expect them back on your air,” Vice President Pence’s spokesperson told CNN.

Left-wing media pundits and networks have repeatedly suggested that the daily press briefings are of no use to the American people, despite some of the country’s most prestigious medical and scientific experts using it as an opportunity to inform the press about the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

President Trump’s presence enraged NBC’s Joe Scarborough enough for him to take to Twitter and label the briefings useless.

“There is no public benefit to this briefing. The networks should all cut away,” he claimed.

What is it these people have against informing the public about the government’s strategy to fight the pandemic?