Vladimir Putin’s Right Hand Man Dies Suddenly

(PatrioticPost.com)- One of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s right-hand men has suddenly died. The Ministry of Emergency Situations announced on Wednesday that Minister Yevgeny Zinichev had “tragically died in the line of duty” while taking part in inter-agency exercises.

A statement from the agency said that the 55-year-old minister was working with the Russian military in exercises designed to protect the Arctic zone from “emergency situations.” The statement said that he died while trying to save somebody’s life, but did not reveal any further information about the incident, whose life he saved, and how exactly he died.

Zinichev assumed the role of Emergency Situations Minister in 2018 after his predecessor stepped down following the tragic news of a fire in a Siberian shopping mall killing over 60 people.

The news of Zinichev’s death has many people asking a lot of questions. It’s common for political operatives to disappear in Russia, and when there is little in the way of details, it certainly raises eyebrows.

Could it be that Zinichev knew something he shouldn’t have? Or could this be part of a ploy to aid Putin’s party in the parliamentary elections this month?

Surely anything is possible.

Zinichev spent two months as the acting governor of the Kaliningrad region of Russia in 2016, and for a long time before that, he acted as a member of Putin’s personal security detail. He was very much a right-hand man of the president.