Vladimir Putin is Capitalizing On Europe’s Failing Climate Crusade

(PatrioticPost.com)- Who is the biggest winner in Europe’s push for “carbon-neutral renewable energy sources?”

Well, it isn’t the Climate.

Instead, Europe’s trek down the Climate Change rabbit hole is turning into an enormous win for Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

This is what former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor Victoria Coates argues in an op-ed last week at FoxNews.com.

In her op-ed, Coates argues that Europe’s short-sighted climate policies have left them dependent on either unsustainable energy sources like wind and hydro, or on natural gas imported from Russia.

Coates believes the best way to prevent this “Hobson’s choice” between dependence on Russian energy imports and unsustainable “renewables” is for the United States to intervene and show some leadership.

Problem is, the US currently has an administration that has hobbled US energy production which reversed the trend under the Trump administration that made the US a major exporter of natural gas. The Trump administration also fought against Western Europe becoming dependent on Russian energy – something this administration has cleared the way for.

And waiting in the wings to make the most of the crisis was Vladimir Putin, whom Coates explains took advantage of the situation to tighten Europe’s gas market by controlling the flow of natural gas into the West. With energy supplies tightening, Putin has gained a great deal of leverage to force Western European customers to demand imports from his recently completed Nord Stream 2.

Coates explains that Nord Stream 2 has now become Europe’s “energy lifeline” going into winter. But she warns that their overreliance on it also gives Putin what amounts to a “kill switch” on Europe’s natural gas supply, the result of which is Putin having even more leverage to wield.

To Coates, this enormous leverage allows Putin to redouble his efforts to bring former Soviet bloc counties back under Russia’s sphere of influence through both military and energy coercion.

She offers a number of suggestions for what the US could do to reverse this. However, given the Biden administration’s own push for “carbon-neutral renewable energy sources,” and the laughable “Green New Deal” buried in the $3.5 trillion phony infrastructure plan, it is unlikely the current administration will do a thing.