Vladimir Putin Battle Plan Documents Found

(PatrioticPost.com)- A British defense and security think tank has published an unearthed ten-day plan to invade Ukraine that was approved by President Vladimir Putin, exposing alarming details of Moscow’s original intention to launch several missiles and airstrikes and assassinate politicians.

The invasion strategy was received by the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI), a think tank affiliated with the British Army. Only a select number of Russian officials were aware of its existence.

According to the plan, Putin initially thought that Russia would conquer Ukraine by August of this year and would do it within ten days.

According to the documents, the Ukrainian leadership would “either flee or be seized as a result of the rapidity of the invasion,” and Russian special services were tasked to kill Ukrainian politicians and officials on the “hit list.”

The names of people were categorized into four groups: those the Kremlin wanted to be killed, those “in need of suppression and intimidation,” those to be persuaded to cooperate with Russia, and those it had determined were already willing to cooperate.

Soldiers were to go door-to-door to assess or apprehend the populace of the captured territory as part of the plan for filtering camps. Russian educators and other officials planned the employment of propaganda to “re-educate” Ukrainians. The FSB (Russia’s Federal Security Service) was also entrusted with kidnapping and pressuring local officials and regional governors to cooperate.

In contrast to the “ten-day plan,” however, ten months into Russia’s horrific ongoing invasion, Kyiv still doesn’t show any indications of capitulation, and Russian troops are continually being driven out of cities and towns they have taken, especially in the east of Ukraine.

The documents also mention specific locations as targets for takeover, such as the parliament, airfields, power plants, and the central bank of Ukraine.

According to RUSI, the invasion plan also outlines a scheme to seize Ukraine’s nuclear power facilities to take over the nation’s energy infrastructure and threaten Europe’s neighbors with radiation contamination.

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe is currently under Russian control. Russian forces surrounded the facility, which provides around a fifth of Ukraine’s electricity.

Russia switched its strategy and began holding phony referendums in captured Ukrainian territories, including Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Conscription objections and the financial toll of Russian sanctions continue to pressure President Putin and the Kremlin.

Tens of thousands of Russians left their country, with lines forming kilometers away from borders into nearby nations.

If a fight drags on forever without producing the anticipated results, people become depressed and disillusioned.