Viral Video Showing Young Boy Beating American Flag As Mother Does Nothing

( Under President Joe Biden’s leadership, America seems to be getting less and less patriotic – and that tragic dynamic was on full display recently in a viral video published online showing a young boy aggressively pulling an American flag out of somebody’s lawn and throwing it onto the ground.

The fact that a child could experience and display so much anger and hatred towards the American flag is astounding in itself, but it’s the fact that a woman looks on and does absolutely nothing that makes this even crazier.

Maybe she was the one who taught him to hate it…

The footage, which you can see in the clip above, is from an unknown location but was first shared on July 8 – just days after Independence Day. The little boy can be seen passing by somebody’s house on his scooter before noticing the flag and picking it up. The woman, who appears to be his mother or guardian, stays on her bicycle and carries on.

If parents are teaching children to hate the American flag, then what chance do we have for the future?

The footage quickly went viral, with left-wing activists praising the mother and child and conservatives expressing their horror.

“This is sad. We would never have thought to do that as kids in the 60s,” one user said.

“Honest question: How can a country succeed if their citizens are being raised to hate it?” another said.

As horrifying as this…can you honestly say you are shocked by this stuff anymore?