Violent Rioters Destroy Columbus Statues in Virginia

( Rioters, who still claim to be protesting the injustice and tragic death of George Floyd, tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Virginia on Tuesday using rope. The far-left agitators took inspiration from the toppling of a statue of a slave trader in Bristol, England, that was erected in 1895. It set off a chain reaction of violent far-left radicals setting statues on fire, tearing them down, and even throwing them in lakes.

That’s exactly what happened in Virginia, too. The state was located in the state capital of Virginia, and after it was dragged to the ground, protesters put an American flag over the statue before setting it on fire and then dumping it in a lake. A similar statue of Columbus was also beheaded in Boston, Massachusetts, on Tuesday night.

Politicians and government officials, at least in Democrat states, have been aiding and supporting the destruction, too. Governor Ralph Northam recently sent an order for a statue of Confederate soldier Robert E. Lee to be taken down from its position on Monument Avenue in Richmond. On Monday, a judge blocked the order, but it’s unlikely the statue will stick around very long at this rate.

The footage above is shocking. It shows how the eight-foot-tall statue was brought to the ground by crowds of far-left radicals using ropes. It was then dragged around 200 yards to the Landing at Foundation Lake, according to local media outlet the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“The base of the statue was covered in graffiti and protesters held signs reading ‘This land is Powhatan land’ and ‘Columbus represents genocide,’” the paper reported.

A makeshift headstone was also placed in front of the statue after it was dropped into the lake, which read, “Racism. You will not be missed.”

WTHR also reported that the statue was erected almost 100 years ago and that it was controversial when it was installed for an entirely different reason. Back then, it was considered to represent anti-Catholic sentiment, going to show that statues will always be offensive to at least somebody.