United Nations Finally Asked To Deliver Info On China’s Genocide

(PatrioticPost.com)- Last Tuesday, former concentration camp prisoners and Uyghurs from East Turkistan gathered to protest outside of the United Nations in New York and called on the UN to release a report on human rights chief Michelle Bachelet’s recent visit to the Xinjiang region of China.

During the protest, the group also demanded the UN officially recognize China’s ongoing genocide against the indigenous people of East Turkistan (AKA the Xinjiang region), including the Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Kyrgyz.

For decades the Communist Chinese have been displacing the indigenous people in East Turkistan and replacing them with the Han, the ethnic majority in China.

Michelle Bachelet, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, visited East Turkistan and other parts of China in May. At the time, Bachelet said she was not conducting an investigation. Rather, she said the visit was a response to protests from human rights groups on the ongoing genocide.

However, Bachelet’s office hasn’t released a written report on what she saw during her visit.

Shortly before she returned from her trip, Bachelet claimed that the CCP had dismantled its concentration camps in the region and praised President Xi Jinping for the country’s “tremendous achievements” on human rights.

While there, Bachelet reportedly did not meet with any dissident groups or representatives of the oppressed minorities in the Xinjiang region, instead only meeting with government officials.

Prime Minister Salih Hudayar from East Turkistan’s Government in Exile, who helped organize and attended Tuesday’s protest, demanded that Bachelet release a written report on her findings and called on the UN to officially recognize East Turkistan as an “occupied country” and not a legitimate province of the People’s Republic of China.

Accusing the United Nations of ignoring “China’s 21st Century Holocaust-like genocide,” Hudayar blasted the UN’s Human Rights Council, its General Assembly, and its Security Council for enabling “the fascist, racist Chinese government” to commit genocide “with impunity.”

Reuters recently reported that it obtained internal correspondence that appears to confirm that Beijing is actively pressuring Bachelet’s office not to publish any report on her visit to Xinjiang.