Ukraine’s Zelensky Is More Popular Than Kamala Harris And Democrats Combined

( It’s no secret that President Joe Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, are not popular with the American people.

A new poll, though, shows just how unpopular they are — a foreign leader actually polls higher than the two leaders of the U.S.

A recent poll conducted by NBC measured the favorability among respondents of nine political leaders and institutions. It found that Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, was more popular than Harris and the entire Democratic Party combined.

A majority of respondents (62%) had a positive feeling about Zelensky, with only 9% having a negative feeling about him. Biden had 37% support with 51% having a negative feeling. Harris had only 31% positive with 48% negative. And the Democratic Party as a whole had 31% positive support with 50% negative support.

That’s quite a stunning revelation — to think that the leader of a foreign nation would actually have much more support than the two top leaders of the U.S.

What’s more, respondents had a higher positive spread support on Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (28% positive, 26% negative) than the two top Democratic leaders and their party.

Former President Donald Trump (36% positive, 51% negative) slotted right behind Biden with a negative -16% spread compared to Biden’s negative -14% spread.

The Republican Party, meanwhile, had a negative -11% spread, with 35% positive support and 46% negative support.

These numbers could end up spelling doom for the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. In most midterm elections, the political party in the House that’s the same as the president typically loses a lot of seats. If that were to happen in November, Democrats would cede control of the lower chamber to the GOP.

Further, the Democrats only hold a technical majority in the Senate, where there is currently a 50-50 split between liberals and conservatives. If the GOP is able to flip even one seat there, they would retake control of the upper chamber after losing it just two years ago.

The 2022 midterms aren’t the only concern for Democrats, though, and this poll points out some really big problems. The 2024 presidential election is getting closer by the day, and the likely Democratic nominee (Biden) finds himself way behind a potential GOP candidate in DeSantis.

While Biden currently polls higher than Trump, the former president would seemingly crush Harris if Biden were to decide not to run for re-election. While all of this polling obviously could change in the next two years leading up to the presidential election, it certainly isn’t good news for Democrats that this is where their top leaders stand in the public’s mind. Nor is it good news that their party as a whole has such low support among voters.

Democrats are hoping to try to change the narrative in the next few months to save their slim majorities in Congress. But, that’s seeming to be more and more unlikely.