Ukraine Uses U.S.-Supplied Missile Systems to Strike Crimea

The Ukrainian military announced on Monday that they have used Western-supplied weaponry to target a Russian S-300 missile system within Russian territory effectively.

Following the lifting of bans on their use by several European governments, US President Joe Biden allowed limited strikes by Ukrainian troops using US armament in Russian territory near Kharkiv. The strike comes just a few days after Biden’s authorization.

The source of the weaponry employed in the declared strike remains unclear.

Allegedly, photographs of the aftermath of the attack in occupied Crimea employing Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) were provided by the Ukrainian military.

Photos shared by the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff on Facebook show that on May 30, ships originating from Kyiv targeted the Kerch ferry crossing. The report states that the enemy made aggressive use of the boat channel to reinforce their troop concentration in the temporarily held Crimea.

The Kerch Strait Bridge is one of the targets in the recent upsurge of attacks on Crimea, which is part of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Being the sole land connection between Russia and Crimea, the facility has supplied Russian forces throughout the conflict. Ukrainian soldiers attacked the road and rail bridge twice in 2022 and 2023, totaling almost twelve miles or nineteen kilometers.

In its ongoing fight to recover the peninsula from Russia, which it captured in 2014, Kyiv has warned of more assaults on the structure.

The black-and-white aerial photographs show fire traces, indicating that the ferry crossing was attacked. According to the records, no one was hurt in the event.

A growing number of Russian military bloggers are worried that Ukrainian forces might attack the Kerch Strait Bridge.

In April, in preparation for a further attack in the Black Sea, Russia’s Defense Ministry-affiliated Rybar Telegram channel claimed that Kyiv may have used American-made ADM-160 missiles to expose air defense installations and radars.

The missiles are designed to fool enemy air defenses by mimicking several aircraft types on radar screens.

In late 2022, Ukraine launched an attack on Kharkiv and Kherson as part of its mission to recover territory that Russia had captured during the early stages of the conflict.