UFC Defends Decision To Partner With Anheuser-Busch

Reports show UFC president Dana White slammed fans who objected to his $100 million sponsorship contract with Bud Light, a beer company that lost money after partnering with overbearing TikTok star and “transgender” activist Dylan Mulvaney.

UFC announced a $100 million contract with Bud Light to support its events for six years.

Reports show that since the relationship with Mulvaney was made public for the first time in April, sales for Anheuser-Busch InBev have significantly decreased. Shortly after the Mulvaney alliance was announced, marketing executives for the firm were put on leave, and AB InBev sacked 380 people when Bud Light’s sales in the United States dropped by 26.5% in July.

Dylan Mulvaney, who is male but presents himself as a woman, was named “Woman of the Year” at the annual awards event for a publication in Europe and the United Kingdom that honors LGBTQ concerns.

White stated that Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch were UFC’s first beer sponsors 15 years ago, and he’s glad they’re back in business together.

White said he picked them for several reasons, but most significantly because they share essential principles.

Fans quickly criticized Dana White for promoting Bud Light as the new UFC partner. Many called White a “sellout,” and the contract was an insult to UFC fans. Many advocated for a UFC boycott.
White responded to the mounting uproar over his decision by calling critics “stupid” and “a**holes.”

He said Bud Light had donated millions to families of slain soldiers and police officers and supported American farmers more than any other beer company.

A report shows that AB InBev has supported initiatives similar to White’s, but they have also given more money to extreme LGBTQ activists who are disseminating their agenda in schools and targeting American kids. This has continued for over a decade.

Many beer consumers were turned off after the collaboration with the gimmicky transgender” activist Dylan Mulvaney. That short-lived marketing campaign caused Bud Light to lose its top spot as America’s best-selling beer as an organic boycott began.