U.S. Senator Unveils Plan To Strip Biden Of Emergency Powers

(PatrioticPost.com)- Republican Senator for Kansas Roger Marshall has introduced a resolution in the United States Senate that would end all of President Joe Biden’s emergency powers used to direct the COVID-19 response nationally. The powers were implemented in March of 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic by former President Donald Trump.

While former President Trump was reluctant to use many of those powers and rejected sweeping mask mandates across the country, the powers are still being exercised by the Biden administration even as the pandemic winds down.

Speaking to Newsmax “Prime News” with Jenn Pellegrino, Senator Roger Marshall described why the powers need to be stripped from the president.

“Biden will use this declaration of emergency as an excuse for him to continue to fearmonger, continue to exert power over us, continue to put masks on our children, and to keep people going back to our normal lives,” he said.

Marshall, who is also a medical doctor, even suggested that Biden may use these emergency powers to maintain rising inflation as an excuse for the federal government to borrow even more money to pay for a plethora of federal programs and to encourage people to stay at home instead of going to work.

He argued that, should the president make such a move, it will have a continued negative effect on U.S. supply chains.

“This is about power and control, about Dr. Fauci and the president using this emergency as an excuse to exert power over you and your family,” he added.

The emergency powers declaration technically ends on March 1, but Marshall argued that Congress needs to exert its power and reclaim its authority on the matter – something they haven’t done so far.

His resolution is named the Congressional Review Act, and he says it can be passed with only a 50% majority to repeal the powers.

Will it happen?

We’ll have to wait and see…

See the interview here.