U.S. Senate Approves “Eco-Terrorist” Biden Nominee

(PatrioticPost.com)- The United States Senate just approved President Joe Biden’s choice to oversee the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management.

The Senate, which is divided 50-50, approved Tracy Stone-Manning as the next head of the agency, despite Republicans warning that she is an “eco-terrorist.”

Republicans fought back against Biden’s decision to nominate Stone Manning, citing her involvement with extremist environmental politics in the last few decades.

Republican Wyoming Senator John Barrosso, who is the head Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said that Stone-Manning was a dangerous choice to be put in charge of public lands because of her dangerous views on oil and gas drilling, logging, and all other kinds of commercial activity taking place on federal lands.

Given that she will now be in charge of everything from energy production to recreation on federal lands – some quarter of a billion acres of it- Stone-Manning will now be able to enact her vision of stopping the fossil fuel industry from using federal lands to produce the energy necessary for the United States to survive.

At the age of 23, when she was studying at the University of Montana, Stone-Manning was tied up in a radical “environmentalist” campaign that saw two of her friends convicted for inserting metal spikes into trees – a process that makes the trees extremely dangerous to cut, and which is often used to stop logging.

Stone-Manning received immunity from prosecutors in exchange for testifying against the two men, and Democrats use this as an example of how she can be trusted to be left in charge of the nation’s land.

But if she only received immunity for telling on her friends, what does that say about her?

She’s willing to (allegedly) break the law as long as she has an easy way out by betraying people?

Stone-Manning’s nomination passed in the Senate in a 50-45 vote.