U.S. Navy Reveals Identities Of Those Dead

(PatrioticPost.com)- After the U.S. Coast Guard announced that they had called off a search for the missing five U.S. service members who are believed to have died in a helicopter crash off the coast of San Diego last week, the Navy has now identified the names of the victims.

The search efforts are being continued by the U.S. Navy, with servicemen aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln still looking for their fallen brothers.

The five American servicemen who tragically died in the crash are:

– Pilot Lt. Paul Fridley, who was 28 years old and from Annandale, Virginia
– Pilot Lt. Bradley Foster, who was 29 and from Oakhurst, California
– Naval Air Crewman 2nd Class James Buriak, who was 31and from Salem, Virginia
– Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Bailey Tucker, who was 21 and from St. Louis, Missouri
– Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Sarah Burns, who was 31 and from Seven Park, Maryland

It is unknown whether the crash, which occurred last Tuesday, happened during takeoff or landing. It saw an MH-60S helicopter crash and sink into the Pacific Ocean around 70 miles from the coast of San Diego.

Some six sailors were injured and recovered in the crash, including one person who was on board the helicopter.

Search and rescue efforts continue for over 72 hours and utilized 34 search and rescue flights. More than 170 hours of flight time went into the efforts, with multiple helicopters and vessels. Sadly, it is unlikely that their bodies will ever be recovered.