U.S. Military To Have A Powerful New F-15EX Fighter

(PatrioticPost.com)- According to the national security blog 19fortyfive.com, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 provides full funding for the F-15EX Eagle II program. The budget proposal of the Biden administration requested $2.6 billion to purchase 24 F-15EX aircraft. They will be the first of 80 F-15EXs planned to be acquired, and they will replace the older F-15C/D Eagles.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the FY23 NDAA, which will soon be approved by the Senate.

The report reveals that numerous F-15C/Ds are 35 years old and have accrued over 8,300 flight hours.  The oldest was manufactured in 1979. The Air Force stated in 2020 that the F-15C/Ds had severe structural risks, wire chafing issues, and obsolete parts beyond their service life. The FY22 NDAA authorized the retirement of 48 F-15C/D aircraft.

The F-15EX is not stealthy but can operate in contested airspace when equipped with long-range standoff missiles and flying alongside F-35s and F-22s.

The F-15EX would continue similar training, maintenance, and tactical procedures as the F-15C/D and F-15E Strike Eagles, providing continuity.

Reports show appropriations committees in the House and Senate approved the Honeywell Advanced Display Core Processor II for the F-15EX. Boeing has stated that this will enable the F-15EX’s mission computer to process 87 billion instructions per second.  The F-15EX is expected to have a flight life of 20,000 hours, double that of the F-15C/D.  The F-15EX has a 28% larger weapons load than the Eagle and Strike Eagle.

In addition to a new radar, the F-15EX can be assembled on existing production lines.

The F-15EX could carry hypersonic weapons. With the Eagle Passive Warning Survivability System, electronic warfare capabilities are enhanced, and pilots will have enhanced situational awareness for swift decision-making. The architecture of the Open Mission System will facilitate upgrades. Because the F-15EX shares support equipment and spare parts with earlier F-15s, maintenance costs will be reduced.

Legislators may determine that the F-15EX is unsuitable for offensive operations and that its best use is to defend the homeland with the Air National Guard.

Will we keep the new jets for ourselves, or will they be sold to foreign armies?