U.S. Intel Warns China Is Advancing Military Power

(PatrioticPost.com)- It looks like President Donald Trump’s policies of restricting Chinese influence over the United States and our key infrastructure were wise, with U.S. intelligence officials warning this week that the Chinese Communist Party is planning to “change global norms” while also expanding its military power and technological capabilities.

With President Joe Biden in power and his record of capitulating to China, that should be a particularly terrifying prospect.

According to a National Intelligence Office risk assessment issued on Tuesday, the Chinese government planning to become a “near-peer competitor” to the United States – both in terms of military and economic power.

Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence, told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday of the intelligence community’s concerns about China’s growth and said that the communist nation is increasingly posing a risk to the United States’ role in global politics, diplomacy, and affairs.

The full report, which is 27 pages long, said that China is likely responsible for a recent hack of Microsoft’s Exchange email system, which compromised government agencies and businesses across the United States. The hack was revealed earlier this year, with four flaws discovered in Exchange Server software compromising at least 30,000 American organizations.

“China is employing a comprehensive approach to demonstrate its growing strength and compel regional neighbors to acquiesce to Beijing’s preferences, including its claims over disputed territory and assertions of sovereignty over Taiwan,” Haines told Congress. “It also has substantial cyber capabilities that, if deployed, at a minimum can cause localized, temporary disruptions to critical infrastructure inside the United States.”

The new report also explained how China will do everything in its power to damage relationships between the United States and its allies, with propaganda being spread regularly throughout the country about its communist ideology, strengthening support among the Chinese people as the nation grows its sphere of influence.

“This insight compels us to broaden our definition of national security, develop and integrate new and emerging expertise into our work, deepen and strengthen our partnerships, and learn to focus on the long-term strategic threats while simultaneously addressing urgent crises,” Haines added.

The intelligence report also suggested that China is looking for new ways to interfere in Western elections – something that sounds a lot scarier than the Russian interference that has regularly been proven to be exaggerated.

Maybe the Mueller probe would have been time better spent focusing on China.