U.S. Intel Reports Putin Is Planning Fake Votes For “Independence” In Ukraine

(PatrioticPost.com)- Russian soldiers stepped up a significant push in Ukraine’s east on Thursday, prompting the United States to accuse the country of preparing to arrange bogus independence referendums to excuse its capture of land in the country.
U.S. President Joe Biden asked Congress on Thursday for $33 billion to support Kyiv, a massive increase in U.S. funding that includes more than $20 billion for weapons and ammunition, as well as other military assistance, in response to repeated Ukrainian appeals to Western leaders for supplies of heavier weaponry and equipment.
The package, which includes $8.5 billion in direct economic assistance as well as $3 billion in humanitarian and food security assistance, is part of the United States’ efforts to isolate and punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, which has destroyed cities and forced more than 5 million people to flee to foreign countries.
Washington has stated that it believes Ukrainian forces would be able to stop Russia’s offensive in the east and weaken the Russian military so that it will no longer be a threat to its neighbors. According to Russia, this amounts to a “proxy war” against Russia, which has threatened various vague retaliatory actions this week in response to the NATO action.
Having been knocked back in its attempts to conquer the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in the north, Russia has now turned its forces hundreds of kilometers eastward, capturing two provinces in what the West believes will be a watershed moment in the war.
Currently, Russian soldiers are entrenched in the east, where Moscow-backed rebels have controlled some areas since 2014, and in the south, they have taken control of a large swath of land since March.
The United States mission to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) warned that the Kremlin might attempt a “sham referenda” in southern and eastern areas it has captured since the February 24 invasion, employing “a well-worn playbook that steals from history’s darkest chapters,” according to the mission.
According to the U.S. mission, this surge of abuse against individuals who want to oppose or undermine Moscow’s objectives will surely accompany the faked and illegal referendums. A referendum of this nature will never be recognized as legitimate by the international community, says the UN Secretary-General.