U.S. Demands Accountability For Prince Andrew

(PatrioticPost.com)- Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has disgraced the United Kingdom and the Queen – presuming the accusations made against him are true, that is.

The United States is reportedly putting increasing pressure on the United Kingdom to force the Duke of York to cooperate with American investigators over claims about sexual abuse committed by dead millionaire financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, with whom he had a close friendship.

Despite Epstein being dead, investigators are still looking into allegations that Epstein and his longtime companion Ghislaine Maxwell traveled the world sexually abusing young women and girls. Maxwell is currently in prison and awaiting trial in New York, and Prince Andrew’s refusal to work with investigators has so far caused concern about whether the truth will ever be revealed

Speaking to The Sun, a British newspaper, a U.S. government official said that the UK and US have a “close, productive and resilient law enforcement” as well as a “mutual legal assistance relationship.”

With that in mind, the government official said that they maintain close contact on a number of active cases on a daily basis and will continue to see assistance in various criminal matters – which appeared to be an indication that the U.S. government is ramping up pressure on Prince Andrew to tell investigators what he knows about Epstein’s crimes, if anything.

Last year, prosecutors in the United States sent a formal request to the British government, which is known as a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) submission. However, the Duke of York has continued to refuse to cooperate – and since then, the Queen formally requested him to step down from his official Royal duties.

Since then, Prince Andrew has let a quiet and solitary life mostly out of the public spotlight.

However, in August, prosecutors said that Prince Andrew has “sought to falsely portray himself to the public as eager and willing to cooperate” but added that he has declined to assist with the investigation so far.

As Virginia Giuffre, one of the primary Epstein victims, moves forward with a lawsuit against Andrew, we might soon see some movement on this…or not.