U.S. Delegation Meets With Haitian Officials

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Wednesday, July 7, Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in an attack on his private residence by armed gunmen.

The attackers stormed Moise’s home and shot both him and his wife Martine in what Haiti’s Prime Minister Claude Joseph called a “heinous, inhumane and barbaric act.” First Lady Moise survived the attack.

Multiple suspects have been apprehended immediately following the attack, including two American citizens – one of whom acted as a confidential source for the DEA.

This week it was reported that a Miami-based security company is also under scrutiny in the assassination. The security company, CTU Security, took on a job to find people with military experience for an operation in Haiti. CTU Security hired more than twenty former Columbian soldiers for the mission. Those Columbian soldiers were either killed or captured in the aftermath of President Moise’s assassination.

Over the weekend, officials from the Justice Department, Homeland Security, State Department and the White House Security Council announced that they would be traveling to Haiti to assist in the investigation and review the country’s security.

When they arrived this week, they met with acting Prime Minister Joseph and Prime Minister-Designate Ariel Henry as well as the leader of Haiti’s Senate.

Haiti has requested that US troops be sent to the Caribbean nation to help guard critical infrastructure and quell the unrest that followed Moise’s assassination. According to Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby, the US Defense Department is reviewing the request for troops, but at this juncture the US remains focused on the investigation.

On Monday, the US State Department confirmed that a third American citizen has been arrested in connection with the assassination. Haitian police announced that they had arrested Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who flew to Haiti by private jet “with the intention of taking the Haitian president.” Sanon, a Florida-based doctor in his sixties, is described as having a critical role in the assassination plot. Haitian police say that he was the one the attackers called after President Moise was shot dead.

In their meetings with Haiti’s interim leaders, the US delegation encouraged free and fair elections. They also assured Haiti’s leaders that the US is “committed to supporting the Haitian government as it seeks justice in this case and affirmed the United States’ support for the people of Haiti in this challenging time,” according to NSC spokesperson Emily Horne.