U.K. Navy Deploying Army Of War Ships Toward China

(PatrioticPost.com)- The special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States is still going strong, despite President Joe Biden’s hostilities towards Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his strong support for Brexit. The UK is reportedly set to deploy its biggest fleet in decades to the Eastern Pacific in a show of solidarity and military support for the United States as tensions grow with the Chinese Communist Party.

The Wall Street Journal revealed how the British naval deployment is the biggest since the Falklands War, in which Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher defended the British islands against an invasion from the Argentinians. It appears to be the first stage in a large overhaul of the British military under Boris Johnson’s premiership, with the country paving its own way in the world now it is free from the regulatory control of the European Union.

The British government is rebuilding its military in the same way President Donald Trump rebuilt the U.S. military in anticipation of growing tensions with the likes of China.

And evidently it’s not a moment too soon.

“We are all of us light years away from a superpower in scale so don’t have the option of being able to cover all the bases all the time,” British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said about the deployment last week.

The new deployment will consist of eight naval vessels. The ships will be joined by one Dutch vessel and a U.S. destroyer, in a sign that the West stands firmly against the Chinese Communist Party’s expansionary vision and goal of becoming the next world superpower.

It’s unlikely that China won’t respond in kind. The country has carried out mock missile attacks on American vessels this year.

That’s the same Chinese Communist Party that President Joe Biden keeps sending his climate czar John Kerry to negotiate with, by the way…