Tycoon Offered Woman $100k For Woman To Take Mask Off 

(PatrioticPost.com)- According to an online publication, a computer tycoon alleges he offered a lady a lot of money to remove her mask during a flight. 

Steve Kirsch, who has an estimated net worth of over $200 million,  said the lady worked for a pharma business.  He allegedly offered her $100,000 to discard her face mask for the duration of the trip. 

Kirsch said on Twitter that he was flying on Delta, and his seat neighbor in first class declined a cash offer of $100,000 to take off her mask throughout the journey.  He said he had just finished telling her they were useless. 

Kirsch went on a rant about his experiences with the lady who was clinging to her mask. 

He explained that he opened the bidding at $100. He warned her that she was at risk of infection if she took off the mask for any reason, including eating or drinking.  As soon as her meal was brought to her, she removed her mask. 

It’s common knowledge that you can’t become infected while eating, Kirsch mocked. 

According to reports, masks don’t work. 

Despite “experts” and their media partners, some independent researchers still assess data objectively.  

The Cochrane Library updates its impartial, unbiased evaluations as high-quality studies are published. 

Ten cluster-randomized controlled trials were studied in 12 trials. These experiments investigated viral dissemination with surgical or medical masks against no masks. 

This did not include cloth face covers, which Fauci, the CDC, and the past Surgeon General had endorsed as similarly useful. 

The Cochrane study focused on medical and surgical masks, which allegedly offer better protection. 

The Cochrane evaluation addressed N95 respirators and “surgical/medical” masks. 

N95 masks failed in Germany and Austria. 

According to all high-quality research, masks do not prevent highly contagious respiratory infections from spreading. 

Despite the professional influence, mask usage will not make a difference. 

The finest, non-biased assessment has again verified the apparent and reinforced pre-pandemic findings.