Two Democrat Governors Rule Out California-Style Ban On Gas Cars

( Two Democratic governors have ruled out a California-style ban on cars that run on gasoline, according to Just the News. California has enacted legislation that would effectively remove the sales of gasoline-powered vehicles in the state by the year 2035, a move that other Democrats seem to applaud but would not enact in their state.

After attending a celebration in the White House over the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, a $740 billion package that provides $369 billion for climate and clean energy provisions, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said that she was proud of California for the work that they’re doing, but would not implement the same in her state.

“I’m proud of, you know, the work in California and Governor Newsom, but New Mexico has now a lot more flexibility to figure out ways for us; this is a state that can really benefit from the incentives and the tax breaks,” she said, adding that she thinks that the benefits will be enough to spur investments. “So we’re going to start there, and I’m really excited about being able to do that and offer that to consumers.”

Pennsylvania Democratic governor Tom Wolf mimicked a similar stance, saying that the ban is not something that he is considering for his state because he isn’t sure of the “economics of that.” But he said that as electric vehicles become more ubiquitous and “we do a better job of creating the charging stations, that more and more people are going to move to non-fossil-fuel burning vehicles.”

Both governors also talked about the provision within the Inflation Reduction Act which only gives tax incentives to vehicle manufacturers that are making EVs in North America.

“I think it would innovate them to actually do more here,” Grisham said, referring to the vehicle manufacturers.

“As somebody who actually did manufacturing in North America in my business career, I think we know how to manufacture stuff in the United States,” Wolf said. “We do a really good job, and I think American-made products are going to make a real comeback just because they’re that good.”