Twitter Users Think CNN’s Jake Tapper Is Audition For Fox News

( Last week, CNN host Jake Tapper made the unforgivable mistake of tweeting a link to an article by Salena Zito, prompting a barrage of anger from the Twitter Resistance.

On Tuesday, Tapper tweeted Zito’s August 23 Washington Examiner article, “Oz cannot out-meme Fetterman, but he can out-work and defeat him.”

If anyone would know what’s happening on the ground in Pennsylvania, it would be Salena Zito. The Pittsburgh-based reporter closely follows Pennsylvania electoral politics, often traveling throughout the state to interview actual voters.

But for the Left on Twitter, Tapper sharing a link to Zito’s article was a bridge too far.

Within no time, blue-check Leftists swarmed Tapper condemning him for sharing Zito’s column. Some accused him of sucking up to CNN’s new boss Chris Licht while others sarcastically wondered if Tapper was trying to get a job at the Fox News Channel. They accused him of abandoning objective reporting in favor of rightwing bias.

All for sharing a link to Zito’s article.

Salena Zito isn’t a “rightwing” reporter. If anything, she is one of the few reporters in the business who reports what is happening on the ground. She isn’t sitting at a desk in Manhattan opining about the Pennsylvania Senate race. Instead, Zito is out traveling Pennsylvania, talking to actual voters and writing up her stories.

But it’s understandable why the Twitter Resistance would object.

In her column, Zito cites a Pew Research Center survey that found that 92 percent of all content on Twitter was generated by only 10 percent of Twitter users, and the majority of those are Democrats.

Her point is that Twitter isn’t real life. So while Fetterman may be getting a lot of engagement on Twitter for his “owns” and “dunks” on his opponent, Dr. Oz is out there traveling the state and talking to voters.

She notes in her article that reporters who are using Twitter to gauge what is happening in the Pennsylvania Senate race are getting a skewed picture.