Twitter To Set Follower Count To Zero For POTUS Account If Biden Takes Office

( Joe Biden, the candidate of choice for the authoritarians at Big Tech, will be given a fresh start on the official @POTUS Twitter account according to the social media giant. Rather than transferring the followers over form the previous administration, should Biden ultimately become the next president on January 20, the account’s follower list will be wiped to zero.

They really don’t want any lingering remains of President Trump, do they?

Rob Flahety, the Biden campaign’s digital director, said on Twitter that the Trump admin absorbed all of President Barack Obama’s followers, but Biden won’t receive any if he is inaugurated on January 20.

It’s not surprising they’re panicking, either. Joe Biden might have technically “won” the election, given that no forensic audits have taken place to resolve misconduct and illegal votes in battleground states, but he is by far one of the least popular candidates in recent history. Biden’s campaign – or lack thereof – was centered around simply not being Donald Trump.

Building up a Twitter following, therefore, could be extremely difficult.

Who wants to follow…Joe Biden?

The Verge, a left-wing tech news site, said that Twitter has not explained why they are changing the policy, but did tell them that they are “in ongoing discussions with the Biden transition team on a number of aspects related to White House account transfers.”

Every time a new government is formed, Twitter hands over official government accounts to the replacement.

It looks like Twitter won’t be backing down on this, either. The Verge also reported that despite the Biden camp’s insistence that the follower count remains where it is, they were told by the social media platform that the decision was “unequivocal.”

It looks like Joe Biden has a hell of a job ahead of him to build back the 33 million followers gained by Barack Obama and Donald Trump – two presidents infinitely more popular than Joe Biden ever was as a candidate.