TV Host Collapses On Live TV

( During a live broadcast, a Los Angeles-based CBS News meteorologist passed out and collapsed to the ground. 

According to a report, during KCAL’s a.m. show, Alissa Carlson Schwartz was initially scheduled to report on the weather, but when the news anchors Rachel Kim and Nichelle Medina gave the floor to her, she passed out, forcing KCAL to go to commercial immediately. 

In the video, Medina and Kim can be seen giggling while the camera shows Carlson Schwartz, who can be seen on a split screen. Standing at a desk, Carlson Schwartz sags, and her eyes roll before she collapses to the ground. 

The hosts didn’t realize anything was amiss until they heard Carlson Schwartz crashing to the floor after passing out, suggesting they weren’t sharing the same room with the meteorologist. 

“Oh!” Kim mumbles, confused by the sound of Carlson Schwartz’s fall. 

Medina added they would take a commercial break, ending the program abruptly. 

Carlson Schwartz updated her Facebook page that afternoon, assuring her fans that she would be alright and expressing gratitude for their good wishes. 

According to a report, the former Ms. America competitor Carlson Schwartz had a health scare on set in 2014, prompting doctors to diagnose her with a faulty heart valve. 

According to TMZ, the news station played prerecorded programs in the morning before switching to coverage of the NCAA men’s basketball for the remainder of the day. 

Carlson Schwartz explained the circumstances behind her injuries and reiterated her appreciation for everyone’s concern. She shared images of flowers and a pizza box on her Instagram story. 

She thanked everyone who had sent her well wishes while she recovered from a head injury caused by the fall. She was released from the hospital and is now doing OK. There was a lot of napping and pizza eating. 

Carlson Schwartz went on to explain that the new health concern was not caused by her heart condition, which she first discovered during a separate event on broadcast in 2014.