Tunnel Beneath Hamas Hospital Discovered By IDF

In a recent discovery, the Israeli army unveiled a reenforced tunnel adjacent to Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The tunnel, equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and an air-conditioned meeting room, was allegedly used by Hamas fighters as a command post.

The tunnel, which measured around two meters in height, could be accessed through an outdoor shaft within the hospital complex grounds. It was claimed that the hospital, once teeming with Palestinian civilians, had been used as a human shield during times of conflict.

Both Hamas and hospital officials have denied these allegations, and the hospital site has been at the center of war crime accusations from both sides. Palestinians accuse Israel of deliberately targeting hospitals, while Israel claims that these sites are being used to harbor armed fighters.

The tunnel was an impressive structure adorned with arches and constructed with stone and concrete. Army escorts utilized flashlights to navigate through the darkness, revealing a small kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet and sink, and a spacious room suitable for meetings, complete with two metal beds.

Colonel Tsuri suggested that there might be an alternative exit, which was yet to be opened, leading to a Gaza kindergarten. Such elaborate preparations indicate the lengths to which Hamas has gone to establish hidden routes within the city.

Israel has faced widespread international criticism for its campaign in Gaza, particularly for its attacks on Shifa, the largest hospital in the enclave. Medical officials claim that around 13,000 people have been killed in the strip since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th. Israel maintains that 1,200 people were killed and 240 taken hostage during this period.

On the hospital grounds, the army displayed numerous grenades, guns, and explosives that had been recently collected from inside the hospital, a motor home, and nearby cars. They also recovered the body of Noa Marciano, 19, who was reportedly held hostage by Hamas and found near a medical clinic.

The White House has supported Israel’s claims that Hamas was utilizing Gaza’s hospitals, including Shifa, as hideouts, citing independent intelligence.

However, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, a military spokesperson, denounced Hamas’ use of the hospital as a hideout, stating, “The world now should say what happened in Shifa, what happened in the hospitals, is a war crime.” The situation at Shifa Hospital remains a point of contention and conflict between the two sides.