Tucker Carlson Was Warned 10 Years Before Firing

Thomas Sowell, the brilliant economist, was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show in 2013 to discuss the perils of multiculturalism. 

The Biden administration has been promoting that accommodating diverse cultures rather than subjecting them to uniform standards is the best course of action, but this will not solve the issue. It didn’t then, and it doesn’t now.

According to Sowell, multiculturalism is based on the fallacy that all cultures are equal in some nebulous way, and it functions as a caste system, preventing progress in some areas because it fails to hold all groups to the same high standards. He said that speaking standard English and not speaking standard English can significantly impact a person’s employment, career, and other aspects of life, yet liberal teachers don’t expect black kids to acquire correct English. 

Carlson and Sowell were conscious that this nonsense was being taught nationwide in classrooms a decade ago.

It’s not that these cultures are ignored; instead, as Sowell told Carlson, they’re not held to the same standards. Because they were held to the same standards as whites, blacks from the same part of Harlem where Sowell resided were successful in Sowell’s day. Carlson questioned Sowell about how education has evolved, and he said it had changed drastically. 

Joe Biden is pressuring and rewarding schools to decrease expectations for low-achieving pupils of color.

This benefits no one.

Sowell had a tremendous academic career, produced 35 books, and taught at the world’s most famous universities. It was not out of the ordinary for people in his community to go to college and go on to achieve great success, as was the case with him. He said that those of us who did not grow up in households with any truly educated individuals had it somewhat more difficult, citing that in one Harlem tenement near him, there was a college professor, priest, doctor, and lawyer. This may not have been the norm a few blocks over.