Tucker Carlson Reports An Egg Conspiracy With An Underlying Agenda

(PatrioticPost.com)- Has the price of eggs gone up because of the bird flu?

According to Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, the statewide egg scarcity that has affected the United States in recent months is not because of what the media is claiming it to be. They are running cover for the Biden administration.

Carlson said that the real cause of the egg shortage might not be the bird flu outbreak that is raging in dozens of countries around the world, as experts claim, but something else.

The Fox host has his experts – chicken farmers. Carlson stated that “some farmers who deal with chickens every day are not convinced” by the explanation that the increase in egg prices and the shortage have been linked to a combination of the bird flu, pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, and the increased costs of fuel, transportation, feed, and packaging.

“Some of them, including some chicken producers, have seen an oddity. Their hens aren’t laying as many eggs or any eggs at all. Additionally, these birds don’t seem to have the avian flu. They are not perishing. They’re just not producing.

The farmers say chickens in good health consistently lay eggs every 24 to 26 hours. But recently, many chicken owners nationwide have been complaining that they aren’t producing as many, or any, eggs.

“So what’s the root of that?” Carlson asks. “There must be a reason behind it. Some have come to the conclusion that the issue may be the poultry feed.”

After Carlson proffered the chicken feed theory, he said he must investigate these accusations because “no one else appears to be keeping track of this.”

Carlson said that the Biden administration and the American media are avoiding questions that he feels are suspicious and connected to the egg scarcity.

Speaking about a Saturday fire in Bozrah, Connecticut, that left an undetermined number of chickens dead, Carlson claimed it was “strange” that “most media corporations did not consider it a story at all.”

Carlson noted that If you ask the Agriculture Department, for instance, or anybody in the Biden administration, they’ll tell you that egg prices are high because of avian flu, to the degree that they’re paying attention.