Tucker Carlson Predicts A “Civil War” If Democrats Come After Guns

(PatrioticPost.com)- Tucker Carlson of Fox News has warned that a renewed drive for gun restriction might lead to a civil war in the United States.

Carlson commented on the Robb Elementary massacre and offered tips for preventing future mass shootings on Wednesday night.

According to police, the shooting at the school in Uvalde, Texas, killed at least 19 young children and two instructors. During the event, authorities shot and killed the shooter, Salvador Ramos, 18.

Payton Gendron, 18, murdered ten people in a Buffalo grocery store on May 14th. Then, yesterday, Salvador Ramos, 18, opened fire at a Texas elementary school, killing 19 students and two instructors.

Carlson said that people surrounding Gendron and Ramos could see that they were both mentally sick. Both killers had warned others they were planning a mass shooting and then carried it out. So, what can we take away from all of this?

Tucker said he doesn’t believe altering gun laws or reducing gun availability will address the problem. The first reason is that the existing system was ineffective. Gendron’s teachers took him to a mental facility for treatment because they felt he was a threat. Despite their best efforts, he went on to conduct a massacre.

The Fox host said that we know what we’re doing isn’t working, but we should also be honest enough to admit that figuring out what to do instead is difficult. Despite what you may have heard, the issue isn’t that we don’t care enough; there isn’t a single person in this nation who hasn’t been appalled by the sight of killed children; it is the worst thing anyone can imagine.

The issue is that the human mind is far more complicated to govern than we want to accept. Under any conditions, it is challenging to stop someone focused on committing violence. It’s not going to happen through congressional legislation, and it’s not going to happen through gun control. There have always been more firearms in this nation than people have. Whatever your feelings are on the subject, you can agree that we will never be able to eliminate all the firearms. The constitution forbids it, and attempting to do so would result in civil war.

So, whether you like the slogans, the gun restriction will not prevent the next Payton Gendron or Salvador Ramos, and any sensible person understands that.

Following the massacre, President Biden stated in a speech Tuesday night that it was “time to put our anguish into action,” adding that “we must have the fortitude to stand up” to the gun business.