Tucker Carlson Calls New White House Order “Lunacy”

(PatrioticPost.com)- Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who is the most-watched presenter of any cable news channel, had some harsh words for President Joe Biden and his administration in recent days. Carlson also slammed the Centers for Disease Control after the federal government endorsed the agency’s recommendations for vaccinated people to once again start wearing masks indoors.

On Wednesday, Carlson noted how “strong regimes are a lot like strong people,” describing them as “confident” and enjoying “unquestioned legitimacy,” before moving on to describe President Biden’s administration as “weak.”

“Weak leaders live in terror. They lie constantly,” he said, adding that they never admit their wrongdoing and they rule by force. He said that the Biden administration has lost legitimacy and as it loses control, its officials are panicking and refusing to acknowledge the magnitude of their failure.


Carlson revealed how the CDC orders don’t just tell grown adults to start wearing masks again, but also require that young children – and anybody in K-12 schools – wear masks at all times while indoors, while also recommending that children return to full-time in-person learning.

In other words – children won’t get a break from mask wearing and won’t have the option to stay and learn at home anymore.

Carlson said that any rational person may conclude that there is something wrong with the vaccines if people are being advised to wear masks again, and slammed the Biden administration for assuring us that they work perfectly…even though the CDC is saying otherwise.

What’s with all the hypocrisy?

Do the vaccines work or not? And if they do work, why is the CDC telling fully vaccinated people to mask up again?

Tucker also asked the CDC why millions of Americans who have already recovered from COVID-19 are also being asked to mask up.

Why are millions of immune Americans being forced to take the vaccine?

You can watch Carlson’s excoriating monologue here.