Tucker Carlson Becomes A Target After Speaking His Mind On Ukraine

(PatrioticPost.com)- Last Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared on Laura Ingraham’s program to discuss how the Left is trying to use the Ukraine crisis as another way to silence its opponents.

Tucker has consistently criticized the US response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and has questioned the calls from lawmakers of both parties who have urged for more direct US military involvement. As a result of his criticism, Tucker has been labeled “pro-Putin,” a “cheerleader” for dictators, and a “traitor” by many in the media and Washington.

Even Hillary Clinton accused Tucker Carlson of giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy.

Tucker told Ingraham the only question the government needs to answer is how intervening in Eastern Europe benefits US national interests. But simply asking that question gets people denounced as unpatriotic “by the very people who openly hate America.”

Tucker called these accusations “moral posturing” and “moral blackmail” that is used to silence critics of the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis.

He and Ingraham also questioned why the same people so hyper-focused on Russia are ignoring the greater threat to the United States posed by China.

He blasted the claims that getting involved in the conflict in Ukraine is “protecting democracy,” arguing that Ukraine is not a democracy in the sense Americans understand it.

Tucker and Ingraham also discussed the Biden administration’s unwillingness to abandon the so-called “Green energy” plans and combat Russia’s influence by bolstering US energy production.

Watch Tucker’s full interview with Laura Ingraham HERE.