Truth Social Users Are Flocking Away, Report Finds

( In a possible sign that people may be losing interest in what former President Donald Trump has to say, Truth Social has reportedly been shedding hundreds of thousands of visitors on a monthly basis for the last few months.

Truth Social is the social media platform that Trump started under his new media company. He started the platform in part because he was banned from Twitter, where he had millions of followers and a direct way to engage with his base.

While many people flocked to Truth Social when it was launched to stay in touch with him and see what he had to say, they apparently aren’t sticking around anymore.

According to TheRighting, an outlet that’s a subscription service, Truth Social had 2.85 million visitors during the month of October. That’s a 530,000-visitor decrease from September, nearly 16%, when there were 3.38 million visitors. One month before that, there were 4.02 million visitors in August.

That means that between August and October, Truth Social lost nearly 1.18 million monthly visitors. That represents a 29% drop.

TheRighting used Comscore data to compile its report.

According to Howard Polskin, the founder of TheRighting, this huge drop in visitors on a consistent basis signifies that people simply aren’t nearly as interested as they once were in what Trump has to say. He said:

“It suggests a decreasing interest in what Trump is saying on his platform. If the numbers keep declining, he may be tempted to go back to Twitter to reach a much larger audience.”

Trump is, of course, the big draw to Truth Social. Many people who signed up for an account and are active on the platform are there for access to what Trump has to say. Some likely prefer the free speech policies of the platform compared to some others, but that may be changing as well.

With Elon Musk now the owner of Twitter, the platform is relaxing many of its strict policies in favor of encouraging free speech as much as possible. Musk has even reinstated many users who were previously banned from Twitter, and that includes Trump.

Twitter even changed its COVID-19 misinformation policy recently, saying it will no longer prevent people from posting misinformation about the virus or the vaccines developed to protect against it.

This means that many people who are on Truth Social may start to flock back over to Twitter, since it will be a platform more to their liking. Twitter has many more users than Truth Social, after all, and it’s a cleaner platform that’s more accessible on mobile devices — where a majority of people use social media.

Trump himself may even decide he needs to actually become active once again on Twitter if he wants to reach a large number of people. He may decide that with Truth Social losing so many visitors, he doesn’t have a choice but to go back to Twitter.

This could especially be true the closer it gets to the first Republican primary, which will be the Iowa caucuses in early 2024.