Trump’s Lawyers Are Preparing For Criminal Charges

( Last week, in an anonymously-sourced article in Rolling Stone, it was reported that attorneys for former President Donald Trump is “quietly preparing” in case the Justice Department files charges against Trump.

And? So what?

No attorney worth his salt wouldn’t be preparing for the likelihood of criminal charges no matter who his client is.

And when members of the January 6 committee are threatening to refer Trump to the DOJ for criminal charges, Trump’s lawyers would be fools if they didn’t prepare.

“People familiar with the matter” leaked to Rolling Stone some written communications purportedly showing that attorneys were “brainstorming strategy and potential defenses.”

Again, what lawyer wouldn’t be doing that?

These “sources” also told Rolling Stone that the former president had been briefed by his lawyers about some potential legal defenses during the summer, including the possibility of finding a “fall guy” to take the blame.

There’s a reason people have legal representation.

It is the job of lawyers to come up with a possible defense strategy that will enable them to cast doubt on the evidence or float plausible alternatives (AKA a “fall guy”) to create reasonable doubt.

But the media is so desperate to make it look like “the walls are closing in” on Trump, that they turn standard legal practice into something nefarious.

One of Rolling Stone’s sources even admitted that Trump’s lawyers are skeptical that Attorney General Merrick Garland would file criminal charges against the former president, but added that “you are not serving the president’s best interests” if the lawyers don’t prepare for it.

In other words, Rolling Stone’s own article tosses a wet blanket on its Resistance fantasy.