Trump’s Lawyer Wants Manhattan’s DA Investigated 

( One of former President Donald Trump’s lawyers said recently that an investigation should be conducted into the district attorney’s office in Manhattan over the probe it’s conducting into Trump and the Trump Organization. 

Joseph Tacopina, Trump’s attorney, sent a letter late last week to Joselyn Strauber, the commissioner of the Department of Investigation in New York City. That letter said that the actions that the district attorney’s office have taken toward his client “are a blatant and unconstitutional attempt to interfere with a federal election by attempting to prosecute President Trump to make him unable to run for re-election.” 

Tacopina also added that the former lead prosecutors for the office – Mark Pomerantz, Carey Dunne and Cyrus Vance, all attacked his client “purely for personal and political reasons.” They even continued to fight against him after they departed the district attorney’s office once Alvin Bragg took over the head of the office. 

In his letter, the attorney argued that the Manhattan DA’s office wasted taxpayer money trying to prosecute Trump. He also accused some of the prosecutors at the office of trying to force the case forward, even though they had many concerns about there being sufficient evidence to justify the continued probe. 

Last December, the Trump Organization was ultimately found guilty of committing criminal tax fraud. They were fined $1.6 million for their crimes. This all came to light as part of the investigation that Bragg has been conducting into Trump’s family business. 

The investigations into Trump himself in Manhattan aren’t over yet. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is currently looking into the alleged hush money payments the former president made to Stormy Daniels, a former adult film star, back in 2016 through his one-time lawyer Michael Cohen. 

The Associated Press reported that Cohen testified before a grand jury in Manhattan for this probe earlier this week. The lawyer, who was once very loyal to Trump, has since turned into one of his biggest adversaries.  

He testified for three hours in front of the grand jury on Monday, according to the AP, and he was scheduled to return for more testimony on Wednesday. 

As he left the courthouse with his client on Monday, Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis told reporters: 

“Michael has spent a long and productive afternoon answering all questions, all facts, and completely responsive.” 

The Manhattan DA’s office is still trying to figure out whether they should formally charge Trump with any state crimes over the hush money payments he’s accused of making to two different women who alleged to have affairs with him. 

If they were to bring charges against him – and potentially even convict him rather quickly on the charges – they could essentially prevent him from running for president in 2024. That’s a complete longshot, of course, mainly because it’s not even a sure thing that the DA’s office will bring the charges, let alone be successful in trying the former president.