Trump’s Lawyer Says FBI Is Redacting Too Much From American Public

( The Department of Justice is working on redactions to the affidavit that was the catalyst for the FBI raiding former President Donald Trump’s residence and office at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

And Alina Habba, who is serving as Trump’s lawyer, doesn’t have a lot of faith in the DOJ’s ability to do that job well.

The U.S. magistrate judge who signed off on the warrant that allowed the FBI to search Trump’s residence, Bruce Reinhart, has given Attorney General Merrick Garland the first shot at going through and redacting information from it.

But, Habba commented to Newsmax last week:

“I think we’ll get back something with maybe a page number on it at the bottom.”

Ultimately, Reinhart can overrule the redactions that Garland suggests. As such, Habba said they would “see what that might look like” for “the pretext” of why the search warrant was requested and then issued.

The affidavit that the DOJ created includes vague allegations against Trump on three different wrongdoings, according to Habba. This includes espionage, destruction and concealment of government documents.

Habba did say, though, that all of the charges “don’t make sense to me, since [Trump] was cooperating the entire time.”

Trump’s attorney did have a retort to each one of the charges the DOJ is allegedly putting forward.

First, on concealment, Habba said that “you wouldn’t have allowed [federal agents] into Mar-a-Lago.”

On espionage charges, Habba responded by saying the attorneys on Trump’s team wouldn’t have been upfront and transparent when federal agents were reviewing those documents back in June.

And as for destruction, Habba responded that Trump’s team wouldn’t have positively responded to the requests the federal government made of placing a secure padlock on all presidential documents he had.

As she explained:

“What people don’t understand, presidents have different kinds of privileges — executive privileges.”

Similar privileges of declassifying certain government documents were done by both former Presidents Barrack Obama and George W. Bush after they left office as well.

She continued:

“But, no one likes to talk about that. Instead, they’re taking these antiquated laws and shoving them down the throats” of the people who consume what the liberal media is putting out.

Habba was asked during her appearance on “Rob Schmitt Tonight” whether Trump’s team would consider asking for the release of the video that was taken at Mar-a-Lago that details the FBI’s search that happened there on August 8.

Her response was:

“I would love the country to see what I saw with the cameras.”

Reinhart reiterated on Monday that the DOJ could still convince him to keep the entire affidavit sealed, though he is inclined to release at least part of it to the public.

Just hours after that order was issued, Trump’s team filed a separate motion that asked a separate Florida federal judge to appoint a special master — who is essentially an independent arbiter — to review all the documents that were seized that day.

He wants to see if any of those documents weren’t included in the scope of the warrant that was issued, or whether any were protected by attorney-client or executive privilege.