Trump’s Hilarious Decision To Stop Romney In His Tracks Finally Revealed

( Remember when President Donald Trump was elected in 2016, and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney went with his tail between his legs to have dinner with him?

It followed months of criticism from Romney as part of a campaign to stop Trump from winning the Republican nomination. The dinner was made famous by a photograph of Trump smiling while Romney looks over his shoulder and pretends to smile. He and Trump were both drinking water from a wine glass, and the president-elect looked extremely happy with himself.

At the time it was rumored that Trump was only meeting with Romney to punish him for making the speeches against him and that he had zero intention of hiring him and putting him in his administration.

And now, according to a book by former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham, we know that those rumors were basically true.

Grisham, who is currently doing the rounds promoting a book about her time in the Trump administration – and pandering to the left-wing media outlets in the process – revealed that Trump was purposely trying to torture Mitt Romney.

She explained how then-campaign staffer Jason Miller had informed her that the dinner was taking place, and that while he “didn’t say it in so many words,” he “made it obvious” that Trump had planned the dinner “just to torture the guy a little more.”

“The setting was Trump’s turf – a restaurant in his building,” she added.

Grisham said that it was purposely a power play by Trump to show Romney who was in charge and that Trump wanted the media to see that Romney would travel all the way to New York to sit and dine with a man he once called a “con artist.”

Grisham seems to be trying to make Trump sound bad…but honestly, it just makes her look bad. And Mitt Romney.