Trump’s Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows Tests POSITIVE For COVID-19

( White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has reportedly tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus, according to a report from Bloomberg News on Friday. The outlet cited people “familiar with the matter” who claimed that the president’s trusted aide tested positive on Wednesday, the day after the presidential election.

The report was also confirmed by the New York Times. I mean, sure, it’s hard to trust anything the New York Times says, but in this instance, it would be a weird thing to lie about.

Mark Meadows was seen with President Donald Trump at the White House with other members of the Trump family on election night.

Bloomberg also reported that four other aides in the White House, as well as campaign adviser Nick Trainer, have all also contracted COVID-19 in what appears to be a second wave of the virus spreading through campaign and White House officials.

No details are yet available about who contracted the virus first, but the Daily Mail reported that the White House medical unit has completed contact tracing. This involves reaching out to people that Meadows had been in close contact with, performing tests, and encouraging people to self-isolate where necessary.

Meadows is 61 years old, meaning he is at a higher risk of developing serious symptoms from COVID-19 than most younger people. His positive test also means that the number of people connected to the White House who have caught the virus is closing in on 50.

President Donald Trump famously contracted the virus during the final weeks of the campaign, though quickly recovered thanks to the help of an antibody cocktail developed by Regeneron.

Following his quarantine period after contracting the virus, President Donald Trump promised the American people that he would deliver the Regeneron drug to the American people through the military for free. It is a promise he appears to be intending to fulfil, though it is unclear whether an incoming President Joe Biden would cancel those plans based on his previous refusal to support the use of new drugs to treat COVID-19.