Trump’s 2024 Campaign Is A “Test” To See If The Liberal Media Learned Anything

( According to several news agencies, Donald Trump’s inner circle reportedly discussed launching his predicted 2024 presidential campaign on November 14 earlier this month. Then came allegations that Trump considered doing it at a rally in Ohio the night before the election but was persuaded not to by senior Republicans. At the time, in Dayton, Trump promised to make “a major announcement” at Mar-a-Lago on November 15. However, aides have recently encouraged him not to schedule that event. For reporters who covered Trump’s turbulent presidency, the idea of another bid for office is beginning to sound familiar.

A seasoned political writer at a large daily remarked that if you look at what’s been covered in the lead-up to this, simply the public-facing things, it naturally demonstrates the challenges of what newsrooms are up against. He said they struggled with this issue when reporting on Trump’s Cabinet nominees throughout the transition. “It’s as if he was picking that guy up until he wasn’t, or until he decided against it, they claimed.”

The reporter said that with him, there are numerous limitations. Until it occurs, nothing is done. When discussing the former president Donald Trump, Margaret Talev, managing editor for politics at Axios, noted that “just because something is factual on a Monday doesn’t guarantee it’ll be correct on a Tuesday.”

New York’s Olivia Nuzzi said, “Most of us have experienced firsthand Trump making complete assholes out of all of us, summoning us somewhere for some big announcement.” “You feel foolish, and you are. Therefore, there is always a possibility of being used as a prop when dealing with him.”

“Getting into the Trump beat is not simple. Even the most basic stuff is an ordeal to report, declared Nuzzi.”

Trump dominated media coverage of the election, making headlines for nearly every outrageous remark and tweet. Networks broadcast his rallies live and routinely let him call into news programs.

Journalists have mentioned the necessity to reevaluate.

According to CBS’s Robert Costa, who has studied Trump for more than a decade and co-wrote a book on his presidency with Bob Woodward, “there is a lot of ambiguity among my sources about where the GOP will go, where its people want it to go, and who will be its standard-bearer in 2024.”