Trump Won By Over 1 Million Votes, Says Respected Analyst

( As the Maricopa County election audit winds down to a close, all eyes are turning toward Pennsylvania.

Several Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers were among representatives from several states who traveled to Arizona to observe the election audit taking place there.

One of the lawmakers to take the trip was Pennsylvania Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano who has been advocating for a Maricopa-style audit of Pennsylvania’s November election results.

And last week, a key State Senator voiced his support for the move as well.

Senator David Argall, who chairs the Senate State Government Committee which has oversight of election administration, told reporters that he sees no danger in conducting a very careful forensic audit of Pennsylvania’s election results.

Argall told reporters that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to move ahead with an audit similar to the one in Maricopa County.

The primary motivator for Argall is feedback from constituents in his home district. Argall said that there is a great deal of mistrust for Pennsylvania’s election results that needs to be addressed.

To that end, rather than audits conducted internally, Argall prefers that any forensic audit into the votes be done by an outside, independent auditor.

Joe Biden allegedly carried Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes defeating Trump by a mere 1 percentage point. Biden’s total vote count in Pennsylvania was 3.45 million votes – the largest electoral win of any presidential candidate in Pennsylvania history. Which might actually be a red flag.

On Monday, during an interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik claimed that, based on his analysis, he thinks that, rather than Joe Biden winning by 80,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump defeated Biden by a million votes.

Kerik explained to Bannon that the sheer scale of voter fraud “is going to blow people away.” He alleged that in Pittsburgh alone, 350,000 fraudulent ballots were brought in. In Philadelphia, Kerik alleges, 150,000 ballots were brought in.

To his mind, Kerik believes that an audit in Pennsylvania could be the most substantial of any in the country.

Watch the interview HERE.

Whether an audit will take place in Pennsylvania remains to be seen. The Republican-controlled PA State House has rejected any potential audit, and Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman has played it close to the vest on whether he would support Senate funding for such an endeavor. While Senator Argall’s committee has subpoena power, it is unlikely it can authorize an audit without legislative approval for the appropriation of funds necessary to pay for it.