Trump Will Send National Guard to Clear “Beehive of Terrorists” In Portland If Local Officials Can’t

( On Thursday, President Donald Trump promised to send in the National Guard to stop the constant riots and terrorist activity in Portland if local officials can’t handle it. The president said the National Guard would quell the violence, stop extreme left-wing rioters from throwing explosives at the federal courthouse in the city, and crack down on the extremists who recently blinded police officers with lasers.

Speaking during a White House press conference, President Trump said that federal agents won’t be leaving Portland. He said that the federal government agreed with the state governor to monitor the ongoing riots and assess whether the state is capable of restoring order in the city. If the state is not able to do that, given just how extreme the left-wing violence has become, then the National Guard will enter the state and crack down.

“And if they don’t do it, we will send in the National Guard and we’ll take care of it,” Trump said.

The president also said that many of the rioters “should be arrested” because they are “professional agitators” and “professional anarchists.”

“These are people that hate our country, we’re telling them right now that we’re coming in very soon, the National Guard,” he said.

Footage of the Portland riots is particularly concerning. Rioters get violent and even throw weapons at officers and the federal courthouse every night. Journalist Andy Ngo of The Post Millennial has shared a huge number of videos from the protests. You’ll see a couple below.

President Trump has been frustrated in recent weeks because of Democratic officials refusing to address the violence and condemning the presence of federal officers. IN THE White House press conference, he said he was working with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and the state Governor Kate Brown to “clean out this beehive of terrorists.”

Mayor Wheeler attempted to appease the rioters by attending the protests with them, only to be met with anger from the far-left extremists who will never be satisfied.

At this rate, it looks like local law enforcement won’t have the manpower to tackle this, and the National Guard will need to be deployed to quell the extreme violence.