Trump Vows To FUND Kenosha Police With MILLIONS Of Dollars, Support Small Businesses

( On Tuesday, President Donald Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, where far-left protesters recently burned down much of the black business district. The violent riots occurred in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a man who had several active arrest warrants, who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman, and who resisted arrest while reaching for a knife.

Democrats immediately sided with Jacob Blake, but President Trump arrived in Kenosha on Wednesday to side with the people of the city who have fallen victim to far-left violence. The president vowed to give $1 million to Kenosha police, $4 million to support small businesses who were destroyed by the riots, and a further $42 million to help support public safety in Wisconsin.

It’s a vastly different take on the situation than the Democrats who have attempted to justify the protests – often describing them as “peaceful.” Joe Biden even suggested that the violence occurring was President Donald Trump’s fault and that the only way to stop the violence is to elect the Democrats who will…well, they’ll just capitulate to the demands of the people committing the violence in the first place.

It’s also a signal that President Trump is firmly against the “defund the police” initiatives being pushed by Democrats all over the country.

Before the press conference, President Donald Trump toured the city. He saw first hand the destruction caused by far-left activists campaigning for “justice,” with footage showing him stood in front of a totally derelict and burned-down store in the city.

“We’ll help you rebuild,” President Trump said to local people outside the building. “This is a great area, a great state.”

Trump met six people who lost their businesses during the far-left riots, and was accompanied by Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and Attorney General Bill Barr. The images are quite a sight to behold.

While President Donald Trump is vowing to help people rebuild, Joe Biden is “challenging” President Trump to condemn all violence the same way he did. It’s possibly one of the most disingenuous campaign tactics tried by Biden so far, given that Trump has been condemning all violence – and specifically singling out Antifa and Black Lives Matter – since the beginning.