Trump: Vote Out Tom Rice of South Carolina

( Continuing his streak of endorsements, former President Donald Trump has come out in vocal opposition to South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice – one of just 10 Republican members of the House of Representatives who voted for his impeachment.

Trump endorsed South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry who is running against Rice in the primary election, slamming Rice as a “coward” and calling for him to be “thrown out of office ASAP.”

The statement was issued by his Save America PAC, which currently has around $120 million in cash on hand to help candidates across the country win back control of the House and Senate in 2022.

Trump described Russell Fry as an America First candidate who has spent years being a “leading fighter on Election Integrity,” adding that he is pro-God, pro-Gun, pro-Life, and “pro-LOW Taxes.”

He described how as the Chief Majority Whip in the state, he led the way in passing the Open Carry Act and also successfully passed the Religion is Essential Act.

Speaking recently to Breitbart News, Fry described how constituents in South Carolina were “stunned” when they realized Rep. Tim Rice had been fooled by the Democrats and voted to impeach the president.

The endorsement from Trump is likely to give Fry an advantage in the race, and the fact that the Republican party of South Carolina already censured Rice after his vote to impeach the president means that every local person tuned into Republican politics knows what he did.

With those 10 representatives who voted to impeach Trump out of Congress by 2022, former President Donald Trump is setting the stage for perhaps the biggest comeback in political history.

Just think what President Donald Trump could do with a Congress controlled by America First Republicans…