TRUMP TV: Trump May Launch TV Network If Biden Coup Succeeds

( Reports suggest that President Donald Trump may be preparing to launch a TV and media network if his lawyers’ efforts fail and the Joe Biden coup succeeds. It is one of several plans being considered by President Donald Trump, and could see him taking popular conservative news media figures away from their mainstream TV platforms.

Breaking 911, a popular breaking news account on Twitter, reported that the president is looking to take Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity with him to his possible new media ventures.

It comes as tensions between conservatives and Fox News increase. President Donald Trump called Fox News executives on the night of the election requesting that they retract their early call for Arizona, when the race remained tight. Fox refused to withdraw the call, despite being one of only two mainstream outlets to do it.

John Santucci of ABC News said that plans are being put in place to create the new cable news network that will specifically be designed to compete with Fox News.

“Vibe in the President’s inner circle this morning is a bit of a stalemate,” he said. “Many discussions of what to do next & they are splitting into two roads.”

Santucci suggested that the Trump team is now looking at the legal challenges and which ones could work out in favor of the president, and “dusting off plans” for a Trump TV network.

Santucci said that anger towards Fox and the Murdoch family “cannot be understated” and that if Trump loses, he “wants to destroy Fox.”

Will you tune into Trump TV over Fox?