Trump Turns 4th of July Greeting Into Attack on Democrat Rivals

Donald Trump faced criticism after using a 4th of July message to criticize President Biden, who, he said, “choked like a dog” during their recent Atlanta debate. On his Truth Social media account, the former President also mocked Vice President Kamala Harris for performing poorly in internal Democratic elections and described Special Prosecutor Jack Smith as “deranged.” 

Several people responded, saying Mr. Trump faces his own difficulties and is, like President Biden, in a state of cognitive decline. Others described the post as inappropriate and pessimistic, suggesting a President should remain positive as America celebrates independence. Republicans Against Trump said the former President is “completely and utterly deranged beyond words.” 

Mr. Trump’s remarks on notable days frequently face backlash. Democrats reacted with fury to his most recent Christmas message, in which he said those who seek to “destroy America” should “rot in hell.” In response, former Rep. Adam Kinzinger took to social media to insist that Mr. Trump is “not a Christian.” 

At Easter, Trump described America as a failing nation and repeated his claim that President Biden has used the judicial system to influence the November elections. Simultaneously, President Biden attracted complaints when he used the Easter holiday to mark Trans Visibility Day, a celebration of transgender individuals. 

Critics said Biden had derided Christianity and alienated conservatives, but his defenders stated that it was a coincidence that the transgender celebration took place on Easter Sunday. White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates insisted the President is a Christian who celebrates Easter with his family and posted his support for transsexuals because it is in his nature to bring people together and celebrate diversity. By contrast, Bates claimed, 

Republicans were intent on driving people apart with “cruel, hateful, and dishonest rhetoric.” 

President Biden takes pride in his pro-transgender record and signed an executive order in 2022 promising to preserve and protect access to healthcare that helps people alter their bodies through surgical and hormonal methods.