Trump Threatens A 3rd Party Run

( Last week, former President Donald Trump promoted a column that suggested he may run as a 3rd-party spoiler campaign in the 2024 presidential election.

Last Wednesday, Trump shared on Truth Social a link to an American Greatness op-ed by Dan Gelernter called “The Coming Split.”

In his column, Gelernter argues that if Republican leaders don’t support Trump’s run for the Republican nomination, the former president might opt to run as a 3rd-party candidate, torpedoing both Trump’s chances of winning and the Republican Party as well.

Gelernter writes that while he doesn’t think Trump could win as a spoiler candidate, he would happily vote for him “because I’m not interested in propping up” the “corrupt” GOP any longer.

This is how you know it was never about “America First” to these guys.

Gelernter claims that a “Republican machine” won’t allow voters to “choose Trump again” because Trump is “not a uniparty team player.”

He writes that the supposed “Republican machine” would “rather lose an election to Democrats” than “win with Trump.”

Yes, well, Gelernter would rather lose to the Democrats than vote for a Republican nominee who isn’t Trump, so it sounds like Gelernter and his “Republican machine” have a lot in common.

Gelernter also presents an entirely unlikely scenario where the majority of Republicans vote for Trump but the GOP “says we can’t have him.” How does that work? If the majority of Republicans choose Trump, he will win the Republican nomination. Such a scenario can’t happen.

He writes that he refuses to “knuckle under” and vote for Ron DeSantis instead of Trump.

Fine, then vote for Trump in the primary. If the majority of Republicans feel the same way, Trump will become the Republican nominee. If the majority of Republicans choose DeSantis or someone else, Gelernter is free to vote or not vote.

It is possible that Trump shared the link to Gelernter’s column, not because Gelernter said Trump would lose a 3rd party run but because Gelernter shares Trump’s desire to burn the party down he isn’t the 2024 Republican nominee.

In his book “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show,” ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl wrote that Trump once told RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel that he was “done” with the GOP and was starting his own party.

When McDaniel told him if he did that, Republicans would “lose forever,” Trump said, “Exactly — you lose forever without me. I don’t care. This is what Republicans deserve for not sticking up for me.”

So much for America First.