Trump Tells Supporters It’s “Time To Stand Up”

( President Trump, and Michigan GOP candidates for the upcoming 2022 Election, spoke tonight at the Save America event in Warren, Michigan.

President Trump had a lot to say about the communists taking control of this nation. Americans must now take a stand.

President Trump noted that the far-left is no longer viewed as merely socialist. They have moved on and become the evil cousin of the socialist – the communist.

Their communist-inspired radical policies are prevalent. Their schemes are reminiscent of the worst of communist tactics. The left fabricates crimes against their adversaries in politics (like the New York AG did to Trump). They imprison their political rivals for years without holding hearings (like they did to the Jan 6ers). They attempt coups against their political adversaries by fabricating “treason” (like the Russia collusion sham). Elections are stolen (like the 2020 Election).

Most of all, they destroy American lives by wrecking the economy, which causes the masses to turn to the government for survival.

Biden’s devastation must stop. Tyranny must be ended. The rigged elections must end.

These anti-American communists dislike both Americans and what we do.

Americans cherish their country, family, and God. Communists despise this.

Marxism forbids family ownership in addition to the ownership of the factors of production. This is unusual because the traditional nuclear family appears to be a fine example of social relationships without private property, pricing, and “capitalist exploitation,” It could be utilized to produce convincing socialist rhetoric.

However, Marx, Engels, and many contemporary adherents are against families. As stated in The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels:

The end of the family! What basis does the current family—the bourgeois family—have? On money, on personal gain. Only the bourgeoisie have access to this family in its fully matured form. However, the practical absence of the family among the proletarians and public prostitution complements this state of affairs.

The bourgeois family will naturally disappear when its complement does, and both will disappear with the disappearance of capital.

The American left is making plays right out of this playbook. It must be halted.